Abstract Submission Deadline

April 3rd, 2022

Submission Guidelines

The presenting author must be a member of the Imaging and Perimetry Society.

– Membership application and renewal details are available at: www.perimetry.org.

The abstract text should use ARVO’s standard format and not exceed 2,500 characters. Use Arial 11pt font only. For the title do not use ALL CAPS, Bold or underline.

All authors should be listed using first name, initial and surname. Institutions should be listed, following the list of authors. The Abstract Body should include a Purpose:, Methods:, Results:, and Conclusions:.

Up to two figures and/or tables may be included in the Abstract. Legends should be short and no more than one line.

Submit your abstract as a PDF file through the link below. Please state if Poster only at end of abstract document.

Authors are responsible for verifying that all information sent is correct, as it will be reproduced exactly as submitted.

Acknowledgement and Notification

Abstract submissions will be acknowledged via email. If you do not receive the acknowledgement of receipt, kindly inform the secretariat. Please note that acknowledgment of receipt does not imply acceptance.

Oral and poster presentations will be selected from the submitted abstracts. Please state if Poster only at the end of abstract document.

All submissions will be reviewed by the program committee and applicants will be notified of acceptance at the beginning of June, 2022.

All presenters of accepted abstracts will be required to register for the conference.

Conflict of Interest (COI)

IPS 2022 requires all authors to report their conflict of interest when submitting their abstract. Additionally, if your abstract is accepted, the category of conflict of interest and the names of the companies must be disclosed in the presentation slide and poster.

These rules are applicable to all presentations including Sponsored Seminars.

Authors are to report all conflicts of interest within the last two years. Please add the category, followed by the names of the companies involved, for each author, at the end of the abstract. Companies include interested companies and competitor companies.

Categories are as follows.

F (Financial Support):
For example, research expenses or free research materials, including devices, or services, are provided by a company.

I (Personal Financial Interest):
For example, where the author is an investor in a company.

E (Employee):
In the case where the author is an employee of an interested company

C (Consultant):
In the case where the author is currently, or was within the past two years, a consultant of an interested company

P (Patent):
In the case where the author holds a patent or has applied for a patent

R (Personal Reward):
In the case where the author receives personal reward from a company related to the materials, including devices, and services provided.
Rewards include salary, travel expenses, intellectual property rights, royalties, honoraria, shares, stock options, lecture fees, and expenses as a member of an advisory board or committee.

If none of the authors have conflicts of interest to disclose, please write “There is no conflict of interest”.

For inquiries concerning abstracts, please contact the IPS Secretariat.

Abstract Submission Form

Please fill in your details below and attach your abstract in pdf format